PRINTING THE FUTURE chose Real Filament for a number of reasons. 
Because there are many brands of filaments available, we chose a brand that’s produced in the Netherlands.

We think sustainability is important and this fits Real Filament well.
They have an extensive product portfolio with many colors and materials.

Because the products are sourced, produced and shipped locally, the ecological footprint is small.

To be able to deliver high quality prints, we need high quality material.

After many tests we found Real Filament to provide the quality we desire, without any problems and end up with a smooth surface print.

The filament is delivered in a nice box with all the necessary information to start printing. Inside you will find the filament vacuum packed with a moisture absorber, which ensures we can keep producing awesome prints!

In short, Real Filament is very consistent and we can trust Real Filament to keep delivering high quality material.